15 years of blogging about Internet Video

15 years ago I started this blog to share my esperiments and points of view around video streaming, playback and encoding. It has provided important opportunities to my professional career and extended my circle of contacts in the world of video streaming professionals, and for that I’m grateful…

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending by the point of view) I’ve not always had the time a blog deserve, especially in the last 5 years… but after more than a hundred articles and almost 2 Million contacts I can say that the objective has been nevertheless achieved.

In the meanwhile the trends of technical communication changed profoundly, We’ve seen the rise and trasformation of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the increasing role of Linkein in presenting and sharing Ideas in a professional environment or the role of Youtube as one-stop-shop for presentations and conferences. I think however that a blog can still be a useful place where to consolidate, share and persist ideas and contribute to the community.

For the future, I’m trying to reorganize my activities to find more spare time to disseminate knowledge and experiences had especially in the last 10 years, writing more posts and partecipating more to web conferences (hoping then to restart live partecipation asap).

It could be interesting to completely refresh my series FFmpeg-The Swiss Army Knife of Video Internet (there are so many things to say about it and ways to use it more productively) or analyze technically the state-of-the-art codecs like AV1 and VVC like I did for H.264 and H.265 in the past, or again continue to analyze optimization’s trend and new challenges, especially related to video processing architectures.

I’m rolling up my sleeves, stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “15 years of blogging about Internet Video

  1. Well, I for one am gladdened to see another post from you. A pleasant surprise and it’s good to have you back.

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