Adobe Media Server 5 announced

Adobe has announced that the new Adobe Media Server 5 (formerly Flash Media Server) will be available soon. The change in the name reflects the recent shift in strategy of Adobe [sarcastic mode on] that is running away from Flash as fast as possible to embrace more cool technolgies like, in this case, HLS [sarcastic mode off].

Irony apart, I’m very happy with this announcement because I have always stated that FMS could have interesting new possibilities supporting streaming for iOS with content protection. FMS supports HLS streaming since release 4.5, but this is not sufficient to keep the leadership.

I work for large media clients that need content protection and in the last 2 years I have seen such clients choose MS’s SmoothStreaming and PlayReady too much times because some independent vendors have been able to offer them native clients for iOS supporting PlayReady DRM inside HLS protocol.
So it’s impossible to remain on the technology and adoption edge if not supporting all the business needs for the most preminent mobile platform.

Now with AMS 5 we are able to use our preferite streaming server to deliver protected content to iOS device too, both in applications created with AIR as well as native ObjC apps.

We have two protection techniques: full blown DRM protection using Adobe Access 4 (again “Flash” is flashed away) or using PHLS (Protected HLS) the HLS version of PHDS (Protected Http Dynamic Streaming).

This last feature is indeed very interesting because offers a stronger protection than the very simple encryption possible with standard HLS without requiring the costs and worries of DRM servers.

More info in the Kevin Towes’ Blog


5 thoughts on “Adobe Media Server 5 announced

  1. Both PHLS and PHDS do not require an external DRM server. It is the same technology of Access but with limited options where the license key is embedded in the drm metadata directly by FMS

  2. Whilst this is good news, if Adobe were to truly be helping us “remain on the technology and adoption edge” we’d have also seen a DRM solution in AMS 5 for native Android apps that avoids us needing an entirely separate solution to use Widevine.

  3. is this the only new feature in Media server 5 ? or any more new features or performance improvements are there ? When will it be available ? at present adobe website is still showing 4.5 version ?


  4. also adobe should consider to lower the pricing of AMS to increase its penetration and everyone will start preferring it over other low cost solutions.

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