My presentation at MAX2011 is available on Adobe TV

Finally the recording of my presentation at MAX2011 (Encoding for performance on multiple devices) is available on Adobe TV.

You can also download the pdf version here. My using of FFmpeg for repurposing the streams of FMS has attracted quite a lot of interest and attention. I’m planning to extend the series of article dedicated to FFmpeg and also to transform it in a permanent knowledge-base on FFmpeg and related best-practices.


5 thoughts on “My presentation at MAX2011 is available on Adobe TV

  1. Thanks alot mr Fabio for your great help on resolving my vedio and other communications the system! on the other hand, my commet is this:INSUFFICIENT MEMORY.COULD PLSE DO ANOTHER GREAT FAVOUR?thnks again caro!

  2. Could you be specific what ffmpeg version are you using for the command line parameters used in the presentation. They’re incorrect for ffmpeg 0.9 and 1.0. It is not possible to use -b parameter. Instead there is only -b:a or -b:v. Could you please specify command line syntax for ffmpeg 0.9 or 1.0 for preparing multibitrate http dynamic streaming content? Thanks.

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