I’ll speak about Encoding at MAX 2011

This is my fourth partecipation to Adobe MAX as a speaker. I’ll be in Los Angeles in October to speak about what I know most: encode video at best for every device.

Every edition I have had very good feedbacks from the audience so I thank you all and this year I want to follow a request I have had often from many attendees: how to get the max out of FFmpeg ?

So let’s take a look at the abstract of my session this year:

Encoding for Performance on Multiple Devices

Learn how to create amazing H.264 video that performs well on multiple devices from one of the industry masters. The session will begin by discussing the fundamentals of encoding H.264 for Adobe Flash Player and will focus on using techniques using FFMPEG for live and on demand encoding. We’ll also cover hardware acceleration and optimizing H.264 for tablets and smartphones. Find out Adobe’s recommendations for video encoding for HTTP delivery and how you can make your video look great.
In the session I’ll speak about encoding vod and live with Adobe  products but also with FFmpeg. I’ll discuss some tricks and tips about encoding but most of all about how to use this tool to overcome some limitations of the Flash Video platform. Furthermore,
a specific chapter of the presentation will be dedicated to encoding and delivery optimizations for AIR apps on iOS devices.
So, if you are at MAX2011 on Monday, October 3, from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. you know where to find me!

5 thoughts on “I’ll speak about Encoding at MAX 2011

  1. Will your talk be giving VP6 or HLS recommendations for iOS AIR apps? Do you know if OSMF will ever support HLS or H.264 MP4 in iOS?


    1. I’m waiting to understand if StageVideo in AIR 3 will funtion in iOS or not. If yes, I suppose that a future release of OSMF will use it.

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