Mobile development with AIR and Flex 4.5.1

Recently I have made a very pleasant experience developing a set of mobile applications for the BlackBerry Playbook using Adobe Flex 4.5.1.

In the past I have been critical of Adobe because I believed that Flex for Mobile was not sufficiently smooth on devices and the workflow not efficient, but after this project I had to think again. The main application is not very complex but has given to me the opportunity to evaluate in a real scenario the efficiency of the framework and the performance level on multiple devices.

The final impression is that Adobe is doing really well and after a year of tests and  improvements Flex is becoming an efficient and powerfull cross-device development framework. There are yet some points to improve and some features to implement/enhance but I’m not so critial anymore.

The application I developed is a classic multi media app developed by a media client (Virgin Radio Italy) to offer several multimedia contents for the entertainment of  their mobile users. The app offers:

– A selection of thematic web radio plus the live broadcast of the main radio channel (Virgin Radio Italy)
– A selection of podcasts (MP3) from the main programs of the radio
– The charts/playlist created by the Virgin’s sound designers or voted by the users
– A multi-touch photo gallery
– A selection of VOD contents like video clips, interviews, concerts

The application is now under approval and should be available in the Playbook’s AppWorld in a few days. In the while you can take a look at the UX with this preview video:


13 thoughts on “Mobile development with AIR and Flex 4.5.1

  1. Fabio,

    Do you know or can share some link where RIM say what other Streaming Protocols can be used? like RTSP or HTTP? I’m using Wowza like streaming server…


  2. Hi sonnati,
    VideoPlayer I did and I used the mobile application. I used the Wowza streaming server. iPad is a problem but the video is playing? What can you suggest?

      1. Thanks, but I don’t seem to find TileList, I am using ViewNavigatorApplication for my mobile project in Flash Builder 4.5.1.

      2. Sorry,
        the thumb gallery is a tileGroup inside a Scroller
        and the picture view area is a HGroup inside a Scroller

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