What’s new in Flash Player 11

We all already know about the wonderful 3D API (Molehill) implemented in Flash Player 11. But what about other features ? Reading interviews and blogposts it is possible to derive some informations:


Tinic Uro unveils some details about the support of the JPG-XR image format. It is a modern revision of JPG that improves quality / compression ratios and introduces some new modes useful for texture compression. It could be interesting to discover if encoding images with JPG-XR is more efficient than intra H.264 (read this post about it).

2. New iOS Packager

Not strictly related to FP 11, rumors say that a new iOS packager is on its way to offer better support to Flash Player features (stage video ?) and Molehill. Native 3D on iOS exported by Molehill is said to work in a very early stage.

3. Enhanced Mic, HID, Sound

Matthew Fabb has posted very interesting informations about Flash Player 11 derived from the analysis of the preliminar FP11. There are for example new classes to handle a wide range of human interfaces, sound object extentions and finally a new and complete Enhanced Mic class that support full echo cancellation features with many parametrizations.

4. Something more ?

Personally I hope to see any time soon VP8 encoding / deconding, H.264 encoding, Screen Capture to name a few. I don’t know if we will see such features in FP11, but up to now there are all the premises for a great flash player version.


6 thoughts on “What’s new in Flash Player 11

  1. Note in the following video, the lead on Molehill from Adobe mentions when they were building Molehill they very much kept mobile in mind and apparently have been testing it on the iPad and it apparently runs great:

    What I’m hoping for and people have already commented on in my blog, is some sort of multithreading API. I really hope that doesn’t get pushed out to a later Flash Player release but makes it into version 11.

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