MAX 2010 : H.264 Encoding Strategies for All Screens

This is the title of my presentation at MAX 2010. For the third time I am invited to speak at MAX about video encoding. This year I’ll focus my presentation on encoding best-practices for mobile (Android) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (formerly Project Zeri).

The abstract : “Learn how to create amazing H.264 video that performs well on large and small screens from one of the industry masters of encoding for H.264 video. The session will begin by discussing the fundamentals of encoding H.264 for Flash and cover encoding profiles, buffering techniques, hardware acceleration, and optimizing H.264 for mobile screens. The session will review Adobe’s recommendations for video encoding for HTTP Dynamic Streaming and how you can make your video look great.”

“one of the industry masters” ? Wow I didn’t know it 😉
I’m sure it will be a great experience as always, so if you want to know more about these topics, join us at MAX 2010, Los Angeles 23-27 October. My presentation is 27 October, 8:00 am (damn I’ll have to wake up early in the morning :-[ ).


4 thoughts on “MAX 2010 : H.264 Encoding Strategies for All Screens

  1. Fabio,
    i was wondering – do you know if flash supports h.264 using 4:4:4 chroma sampling?
    or any encoder that will do that?

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