Hulu Plus – the giant is moving

Hulu has announced the availability of the new subscription-based service Hulu Plus. This service is complementary to the existing free ad-based Hulu. At a monthly cost of 9.99$ you will be able to watch at your favorite TV serie not only on a PC or Mac but also on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and several connected-TVs. The number of programs is increased and also the quality which is now much more biased toward HD.

Finally the giant has made its move. I remember you that Hulu is the second video service on Internet for bandwidth consumption after YouTube, but the chosen model (advertising) generated not many incomes. I think that this new service will have a lot of success, similarly to what is happening to NetFlix with its “watch istantly” service. They are also not in direct competition because Hulu offers mainly TV shows and NetFlix films.

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