MAX 2009 :: Accelerated Evolution

This last edition of MAX has satisfied all my expectations: very good sessions, exciting announcements and also my session has been ok (I have received an evaluation of 4.48 / 5 compared to an average 4.10 of all other sessions, I’m really satisfied ;-)).
I post only today about the novelties, so I’ll be very short in my consideration because You can find more detailed info on other posts like for example Kevin’s one, or Stefan’s.

Accelerated Evolution of Flash Player’s Ecosystem

I think Adobe is doing an awesome work in pushing the Flash Player’s technology to the edge. Not only the Flash Player 10 update 1 (10.1) will have several very interesting features, but this great potentialities are extended to a wide number of mobile platforms and embeded chips.

In the last years there were often debate about the three screens convergence. With FP 10.1 this convergence will become true and your content will be visible from PC, Mobile (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, WebOS, Android, and with some limitations iPhone) and TV sets. The power and the potentialities of this move are tremendous and capable to change the way we will live the web tomorrow.

The range of possible applications that an Adobe developer is able today to develop is rapidly increasing. The widening base of compatible devices and platforms, and the quality of new model of developing (Flex 4, Catalyst), are enpowering our work, our competencies and our value. Thank you Adobe.

Flash Player 10 update 1

This new update holds several new features. I focus only on the most importants from my point of view:

Strong p2p improvements
– plenty of new p2p features for designing the future of the web…
Watch this to now more

New smart buffering when streaming from FMS – no more wastes when seeking to parts already in the buffer. Finally.

Improved QoS, reconnection, faster switching – in the video arena Adobe is playing a very important game…

HTTP Streaming – exciting new way to stream video, I’ll speak about it more in a future post.

Improved DRM – Flash Access 2.0, the evolution of Flash Media Rights Management.

GPU acceleration, H.264 hardware decoding – H.264 to the max on slow processor, mobile and set top boxes.

I think to speak more about some point in future posts, now leave me thinking again about the infinites possibilities that Adobe is opening us with this new FP…


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