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News from the Adobe’s Video Ecosystem

A couple interesting news:

Adobe has released the Open Source Media Framework, formerly “Strobe”. The aim of this new open framework is to standardize the several functionalities required by a modern Flash based media player.

:: From the home site: “Open Source Media Framework enables developers to easily assemble pluggable components to create high-quality, full-featured playback experiences. The open aspect of the framework enables collaborative development for web video monetization, with lower costs and faster turnaround”. The features covered by the framework are really exaustive, from playback to content monetization and reporting. A really must have for media specialists.

:: New information also on the future Flash Mobile. Kevin Lynch confirmed the availability of a beta for the end of the year and the support for accelerometers, gps and multitouch . Android based demos have been showed; what about iPhone ? time will tell…

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