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Flash Player 10 to the masses

The official statistics collected by Adobe in the month of June report a Flash Player 10 penetration above 85% (87.2% in US/Canada and 85.8% in Europe) +10% in the last 3 months. This means that aproximately in september it will be very probable a penetration of more than 95%. Therefore Flash Player 10 is definitely becoming the new target for media content delivery on the web and so it’s time for me to start using my favorite new features: dynamic streaming and pixel bender.

During 2008 I developed a FP9 based seamless bitrate switching solution for Value Team spa. Now it’s time to port it under FP10 using the native bitrate switching. I also implemented an adaptive video enhancement filter that it’s now time to port under Pixel Bender. I’ll speak about this last topic during my session at Max 2009.

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