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Adobe and DIVX are becoming competitors

With the Open Screen Project Adobe is making FP10 the leading edge of a triple-play content delivery strategy. When FP10 will be available on high end phones and on TV sets, the power of Flash Technology will be really pervasive. This is a very strategic move from Adobe especially for the future of the web TV.

You know that traditional broadcasted TV is losing audience in almost all the most developed countries. Not only, the average age of audience is rising and young people are spending much more time on the Internet than watching TV. In the near future web TV will overtake classic TV (think about iPlayer, Hulu, EpixHD, YouTube), and in this scenario there are great opportunities for the Flash Player
on different devices than personal computers (obviously it’s much more confortable to watch Hulu on a wide Tv set than on a laptop).

In this context, I think that Adobe’s Flash Player will be a competitor for DivX. This is obvious: DivX distributed for years decoders for MPEG4 videos to DVD players suppliers. Recently, because of the great success of the international standard H.264, DivX has embraced H.264 (in a Mkv container) as the “DivX of the Future”, but the scenario is changing…

Flash Player 9-10 is a very good decoder for H.264 too. It supports almost every features of this complex standard.
So, now that with the Open Screen Project strategy this decoder is, presumably, coming in the market previously dominated by DivX…how could DivX react to not lose market share ?

The problem (for Adobe) is that the supplier of the very good decoder implemented in FP9 (MainConcept) has been acquired by DivX !
Can be this a problem for optimizing H.264 decoding on devices ? I dont’ know, but I fear a not optimized or features-lacking implementation. This is happened before, think about the lack of NellyMoser decoding in Flash Lite 3…this can seem a little lack but because of it, it is not possible to AV stream directly from a desktop to a Flash Lite device.

I’m curious, and a little anxious to know how this contrast will be handled.

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