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Very good article on RTMFP

As you know, FP10 can handle netConnection communication in a new p2p protocol called Real-Time Media Flow Protocol. Today you can leverage that feature using the Adobe’s Stratus service. Brian Lesser has written a very detailed post about RTMFP on O’Reilly Blogs: http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2009/04/adobes-real-time-media-flow-pr.html

Reading the article I have had an idea: Today the protocol lacks the possibility to re-publish A/V contents from client to client, but probably it would not be too much difficult to use the ns.send method and the power of byteArrays to create a simplified p2p delivery platform for audio streams.

This is only a proof of concept but think about a client that read an mp3 as a binary file. He can segment the file in chuncks and send them as byteArray objects using the send method and the AMF3 encoding. On the other side a client receives the sequence of byteArrays and it has to dynamically concatenate the chunks to recreate the original mp3 and play it. This last point is obviously the must difficult step., but today with Flash Player 10 it is possible to decode mp3 content to raw format and insert it dynamically in a ring buffer for playback.

I think to write down something more detailed about this idea in the next post.

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