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A new Astro is starting to shine

Adobe has released today the public prerelease of the Flash Player 10. This public prerelease is an opportunity for developers and consumers to test and provide early feedback to Adobe on new features, enhancements, and compatibility with previously authored content. The new key features are:

  • Creative Expression
    • Custom Filters and Effects
    • 3D Effects
    • New Text Engine
    • Text Layout Components
    • Drawing API Enhancements
    • Color Management
  • Visual Performance Improvements
    • GPU Compositing
    • GPU Blitting
    • Anti-Aliasing Engine (Saffron 3.1)
    • Vector Data Type
  • Rich Media
    • Dynamic Streaming
    • RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol)
    • Speex Audio Codec
  • Other Community Requested Enhancements
    • File Reference
    • Dynamic Sound Generation
    • Large Bitmap Support
    • Context Menu
    • GB18030 Compliance
    • Ubuntu OS Support

My preferites feature are: GPU compositing and blitting which will introduce a ten-fold improvement in drawing speed. Native 3d effects which are very nice expecially if mixed with video streams. Dynamic Streaming very useful to maximise the Qos in video delivery. RTMFP that is an exciting entire new way of communicate and stream in FMS leveraging peer-to-peer connections over UDP and the new Speex Audio Codec that is a great open source, low latency, error resilient audio codec in substitution of the old, closed NellyMoser’s Asao.

I noticed only the lack of an updated live video encoder in Flash Player 10. This is a bad news for me as they are years that I look forward to retairement of the old Spark codec. In any case, hope is the last to die. Welcome Astro.

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