Pushing H.264 to the limit – Part I

I’m experimenting day after day even more advanced encoding techniques, tricks and tips to get the best out of H.264 encoding standard. In a recent post, I showed an high quality footage encoded at 1026×576 @ 1.3Mbit/s. ( You can watch it here ).

A lot of people mailed my to congratulate for the overall quality but indeed I was not completely happy with the result. H.264 can do more ! Expecially in the low bit rate area. Therefore I tryed an almost impossible task: to encode the same video in HD at the lowest bitrate possible.

Take a look at this and tell me if it is not exciting:

720p High Definition (1280x720x25Fps) plus HE AACv2 audio @ 500Kbit/s

(try the full-screen mode double clicking on the movie)
Obviously the footage is a good one (no fast motion) and at this bitrate, some scene are not rendered with the same high quality, but you must think we are talking about only 500Kbit/s!

In a next post I’ll explore what we can do with generic video-clip and ultra low bitrate.

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